Altra Torin 5 Luxe Running Shoes - AW22 - Green - mens - 11.5

Altra Torin 5 Luxe Running Shoes Constructed with new Altra EGO MAX foam, the Torin 5 Luxe provides plush comfort you can count on for miles and miles, so you're always ready to go from everyday training to marathons and more. Engineered Mesh Upper Designed to provide complete comfort, the upper of the Altra Torin 5 Luxe Running Shoes have been constructed using a breathable mesh. The mesh is specifically designed to adapt to your foot's movement without sacrificing performance. The mesh is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, encompassing all the essential elements to create a smooth, distraction-free run. Not only does the mesh upper work to provide a contemporary look and superior comfort but, it also works to increase ventilation to keep your feet feeling cool. Micro perforations allow air to flow throughout the construction to reduce uncomfortable heat build-up; this creates a perfect micro-climate for your feet to thrive in. The shoes use a traditional lacing system which will make it easy to achieve a secure and comfortable fit, whilst the padded heel collar helps to give that locked-in feel for improved stability and control. The upper uses Altra's developed technology FootShape. This will allow the feet and the toes to naturally splay in a wide toe box. Having more space allows the foot to relax and spread out, working to reduce over-pronation, enhance stability and create a far more powerful toe-off. Altra EGO MAX Midsole The Torin 5 Luxe features an ultra-lightweight and springy Altra EGO MAX midsole. This midsole is super light, so it won't drag you down and has plenty of features that will make this shoe your new favourite. The dual-layer Eva works hard to cushion the foot on impact, protecting the joints and muscles from stress and strain as you strike down hard. This leads to a reduced risk of injury both short-term and longer-term, so you can keep running with confidence. The ultra springy nature of the Ego Max means you get bouncy rebounds that make you feel unstoppable. The Eva utilises the force from your last step to power you into your next one, resulting in reduced fatigue and no loss of momentum. Innerflex grid-like grooves in the midsole allow your foot to flex while being super light for impressive speed. The midsole design features a Balanced Cushioning platform. This places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact form throughout your run. Footpod Technology Outsole Made from durable rubber with impressive grip and traction, this outsole is designed to help your feet move naturally for better form and comfort. It maps the bones and tendons of the foot, allowing the foot and shoe to flex and move naturally as you move, improving proprioception and ensuring comfort. This means you can adapt easily to the terrain of your run, ensuring better control.

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